Blowtech GP

Blowtech GP

We are the leading supplier of technical blow moulding in the Nordic region with production units in Sweden and Norway. We currently have 35 blow moulding machines divided into two production units. In both factories there is also access to a large number of robots and special machines to further process the blow moulded hollow bodies. Over 50 years of experience together with a very high level of technology know-how makes us a flexible, safe and sustainable solution.

We offer blow moulded products in a variety of materials (HDPE, PP, PA, PA+GF, TPE), BIO-plastics and a variety of recycled materials where we can contribute to a sustainable future.

We have also developed our own “lightweight material” where the plastic is mixed with nitrogen. The result is a material that decreases weight, insulates both heat and cold without compromising on quality and function. The raw material used is reduced, which also saves resources.

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