2-3 april 2025


FAQ for booked exhibitors

My Easyfairs

In our exhibitor’s portal My Easyfairs, you write information about the company, your logo, contact information, register stand staff, pick up banners and your digital ticket. My Easyfairs is connected to the website’s exhibitor list, so make sure to maximize your visibility by filling in and keeping your profile updated!


Now you have booked your stand and it is high time to start preparing your participation. Go through the slots below and book them as soon as you can.
You can find more detailed exhibitor information at My Easyfairs

Visiting adress: Krutvägen 2, 415 27, Gothenburg
Phone: +46 31 395 11 10

When you booked your stand, you also booked an EasyGo package. GoLeads, GoPlus and GoPremium are our three packages. To see which package you have booked, please see the order confirmation or log in to My Easyfairs.

Common to all packages are:

Access to My Easyfairs
Display your company profile online
Display your products/services online
Invite your customers & prospects
Expand your professional network

Read more about the EasyGo packages here

There are attractive marketing areas in several places at Prioritet Serneke Arena where your company can get extra exposure to visitors.

For more information please contact:
Victor Remahl
Sales Executive
+46 (0)761 25 24 13 Victor.Remahl@easyfairs.com

The permitted building height in the halls is 2.5 metres, the only exception being lighting.

Height exposure includes all stand construction and exposure such as banners, banners, walls, signs or other advertising messages that take place above a height of 2.5 metres.

The application for exemption from these rules together with dimensioned drawings must reach Workman Göteborg no later than 4 weeks before the event, exemption is also associated with a cost. Workman Göteborg/Easyfairs has the right to refuse permission for late applications. Drawings of high-rise buildings must always be sent to: monterservice@goteborg.workman.se for approval.

What is My Easyfairs:
The majority of visitors plan their visit via our website. What is filled in at My Easyfairs is what appears in our exhibitor list on the website. Here you can present your company, your products, news and job advertisements. During the fair, visitors can scan your readers with their smart badges (name plates) and have the information you posted sent to them via e-mail.

Through My Easyfairs you can also:

Invite your customers through your personal link
Register booth staff
Create a login for your colleagues so they can also edit the information
See which EasyGo package you have booked
Log in to My Easyfairs:
When your company’s stand was booked, the person who made the booking received an e-mail from “My Easyfairs” with a link to the system with the request to confirm the e-mail address and choose a password. The email address is the username and the password chosen will be the password. If the password is forgotten, select “Forgot password” and follow the instructions. In some cases, when things go wrong, it can help to change browsers and try again.

Have you filled in your details before? This information remains inside My Easyfairs. You need to log in for it to appear in the current exhibitor list on the website.

Add more users:
You can invite each other to My Easyfairs yourself if you want more people within the company to have access to the account.

Link to MyEasyfair’s login

It is good that you as an exhibitor are aware that Advanced Engineering, the manufacturing industry’s meeting place for product development and sourcing – will be under the same roof at the same time as Advanced Engineering. To read more about the Electronics Fair, please visit: www.advancedengineeringgbg.se

The contracted restaurateur at Prioritet Serneke Arena is the hotel’s own restaurant Campo. For questions about catering or rights regarding serving in the venue please contact Ioan Lozonschi at Prioritet Serneke Arena, info@campo.se

We are here for you and help with everything from marketing materials, digital mailings to customized invitations to your customers and networks. We market your participation and your brand and create visibility in guest articles, newsletters and social media. Below you will see a list of which activities we work on so that you can be seen as much as possible even before the fair;

Cooperation with industry associations and magazines
Digital advertising
Social Media
Dispatch of personnel
Invitation by mail
Sending digital invitation
Invitation and information via partners, sponsors and exhibitors

Do you want to be seen in our channels? Or do you need marketing materials? Contact emelie.wiberg@easyfairs.com or mahtab.karimi@easyfairs.com

As an exhibitor and partner, we expect you to maximize the opportunities this fair creates by inviting visitors and talking about your participation in your channels and networks *.

Invite your customers and networks.

Promote your participation on social media.

Tell us about your news or an exciting case on our website, newsletter and social media.

Write a post about a maximum of A4 and send it to us. Author and company stand as clear senders with associated links.

Email it to

emelie.wiberg@easyfairs.com or mahtab.karimi@easyfairs.com

* We reserve the right to decide what is ultimately published in the fair’s marketing.


Elektronikmässan is now approaching. As an exhibitor, you should be aware of the points below no later than the week before, of course also assuming that you have checked off the list regarding preparations.
You can find more detailed exhibitor information at My Easyfairs.

Main entrance;
Priority Serneke Arena Krutvägen 2-4
415 27 Gothenburg.

Please mark the goods with the following: Event / Company / Stand number / Name and mobile number Krutvägen 2, 415 27 Gothenburg

ATTENTION! There is no loading dock available at Prioritet Serneke Arena. Trucks are available for a fee. See full details under “Goods handling” in the exhibitor information you will find on My Easyfairs

Workman Gothenburg or Prioritet Serneke Arena are not responsible for goods before, during or after the event!

Please mark the goods with the following: Event / Company / Stand number / Name and mobile number Krutvägen 2, 415 27 Gothenburg

ATTENTION! There is no loading dock available at Prioritet Serneke Arena. Trucks are available for a fee. See complete information under “Goods handling”. If you have questions or need other times and days, contact: monterservice@goteborg.workman.se Please mark the goods clearly with the following: Event / Company / Stand number / Name and mobile number / Your address XXX

The goods reception’s opening hours will be closer to the fair!

Opening hours for stand staff will come closer to the fair!

Opening hours for booth builders are:

Will be presented closer to the fair!

Via My Easyfairs, you register your stand staff. All booth staff must have a personal exhibitor card at the fair. This is how you proceed to register the stand staff:

Log in to My Easyfairs
Click on “manage stand” at the current fair.
Go under the “prepare your stand” tab.
Click on “register your staff” under the “booth staff” section.
Click on “register your staff” in the new view.
A new window opens.
Click on “Team” in the left menu.
Click on “Add staff” at the bottom right.
Click on “Register Stand Personnel”
Fill in the information + button “Next”
The person who has just been registered will receive a confirmation email sent to the specified email address.

We place your reader in your booth for the first day of the fair, you make sure it is visible to visitors. With this reader, you can turn your visitors into qualified leads. The reader is a wireless sensor and when visitors touch the reader with their smart badge (name tag), they automatically collect the information about your company that you have posted on My Easyfairs. This information is sent to the visitors in a summary e-mail at the end of the fair day.

If you have a GoLeads, GoPlus or GoPremium, you will receive a list of contact details for those who touched your reader. You can find the list in My Easyfairs after the end of the fair.

This must be returned to the Electronics Fair team at the close of the fair.

With VisitConnect, you can scan information about the visitors to your stand, simply by scanning the QR code on their Smart Badges (name plates). This facilitates your follow-up after the fair and ensures that you do not lose important business cards or contact information.

Guide coming soon!

During the move-in, you will receive a reader in your stand, you make sure to place this visible to the visitor when you are on site. With this reader, the visitor himself takes the initiative to scan with his smart badge if he wants more information about your company but does not want/does not have time for a conversation. At the end of the day, those who have touched you readers will receive a summary of the displays they have scanned via e-mail. The information that is sent about you is the information contained in My Easyfairs. You can see which visitors have touched your readers inside My Easyfairs, but here you do not get the opportunity to write additional notes. These leads will not be as “hot” as the ones you scan with VisitConnect.

VisitConnect is more at the exhibitor’s initiative as it requires a conversation to be able to scan the visitor’s smart badge. In VisitConnect, you can take notes and prepare questions so that you can easily follow up after the event. Examples of questions could be “How does the person prefer to be contacted?”, “Which products is the person interested in?” or “When does the person want to be contacted?”. Such questions that facilitate when the contact is to be made after the fair. You can find these leads in the app and on your account for VisitConnect, which the contact person for the fair has created.

All exhibitors need to be insured! Don’t have insurance?
Simply sign one with us. The easiest way to do this is via My Easyfair’s webshop

Important documents

Insurance Claim report
Exhibitor insurance
Insurance conditions

All exhibitors need to be insured! Don’t have insurance?
Simply sign one with us. The easiest way to do this is via My Easyfair’s webshop


fair days - now we're running!

The Elektronikmässan 2-3 April 2025 is now here. Now begins the important thing that we all prepared for. It will be two busy days with skills development, networking and lots of other things. Your work in the booth is more important than ever, a warm welcome!

More info coming soon!

There will be a photographer and videographer on site during both days. If you do not want to be seen in a picture or video, you need to tell the Elektronikmässan team yourself. Before or on site.

As soon as the trade fair closes, it is incredibly important that we in the Electronics Fair team get back the reader that was placed in your stand during the move-in. The readers pick up the project team when the fair closes.

As soon as the fair closes, it is OK to pack up the stand. It’s prohibited to pack up beforehand. If someone is to pick up your material later, it is important that the material is packed up and clearly marked.


The end for now, the beginning of something new. The fair is over and now it is important to evaluate the implementation. Here are the best tips for how you take your participation all the way to the finish line.

The reader:
You will find all visitors who touched your reader on My Easyfairs the day after the fair under “see results” and “download leads”.

The smart badges you scanned with the VisitConnect app can be found in the app and on your VisitConnect portal. The contact person for the fair has logged in there.

As organizers, we send out questionnaires to everyone who was at your booth, where you get the opportunity to evaluate the fair that has passed. Your opinion is incredibly important to us as we constantly want to develop and meet your expectations. Many thanks in advance for taking the time to answer these.

During the fair, you as an exhibitor have had the opportunity to speak with one of our salespeople to book a booth space for future fairs. Don’t forget to book your stand and keep an eye on the order confirmation that comes to the contact person’s e-mail.

Do you have more questions?

If you need more information or have any further questions, please contact us and we will assist you further!