2-3 april 2025


Boliden Bergsøe A/S
Boliden Bergsøe A/S

Boliden Bergsøe A/S

With a focus on the Nordic electronics market, Boliden Bergsøe A/S has invested a lot in new products and further development of good existing tin alloys, tin wire, flux and solder paste for circuit board manufacturing, but also a lot of focus is on tin recycling. Our local unit in Glostrup, Denmark is responsible (and has the agency for Tamura Elsold GmbH) for, among other things, the sale of tin in the Nordics and the buyback of tin waste, more information can be found under our own new website www.boliden.dk

For the past 10 years, Boliden Bergsøe A/S has gained market shares in the electronics market every year with Tamura Elsold’s microalloyed tin SN100 MA-S and is growing every year. Now there is also the newly developed alloy SN100 PS, specially developed for selective soldering and is very cost-effective without silver content. A new pasta factory was also built in 2019 and there a range of new pastas have been developed and we will have a representative from Tamura Elsold GmbH at the fair to tell us more about these. Welcome to visit our booth and will tell you more


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