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Flexound Augmented Audio

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FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ combines high quality sound with physical vibration. An immersive and multi-sensory experience.

Sense of touch and personal sound in automotive seats

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ complements existing automotive sound systems. The technology adds the sense of touch and personal full-range audio into seats.

Clarity of sound by multi-sensory listening. Vibration improves speech and music perception and phone call quality. Full frequency range with only one element. Enables ANC solutions with both sound and vibration.

Safety through physical driver feedback and tactile safety alerts. The patented Feelness Control enables different Feelness levels based on content, speed or occupant preference.

Loudspeakers can be fully or partially replaced, saving space and weight. High quality sound and vibration in all seats.

Ideal for professional vehicle in-cabin wellness features e.g. stimulation of blood circulation, relief of stress and muscular tension and reduced strain on hearing.

Reduced complexity and assembly time. No compromise on sound quality. And no additional hardware is needed to provide the next level passenger comfort.

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